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PHS Athletics for Fall 2016-17


First day of official practice/tryouts

August 15

First contest date August 25


All PHS athletes must have, PRIOR to the first day of practice/tryouts:

1) the registration page on this site completed (you do not have to pay fee to complete the registration page)

2) a valid sports physical (within 2 years) on the approved OSAA Sports Physical Form.

3) the participation fee either paid or arrangements to pay with our bookkeeper, Marti McGraw, 541-966-3803.

4) if your student has already participated in a sport in the previous school year and their registration form has already been completed, you must go to their registration form and indicate what fall (and only fall) sport they will be participating in. Simply go to "Registration" at the top of this page. Scroll down to Login, click and type in their user ID and password. This will give you access to their registration. Make any necessary changes that may have occured since it was filled out prior to this time; if there are none, all you have to do is mark what fall sport they are going to participate in. After you have saved that, you should get an email prompt that says your student is registered. You may then either pay online or come in to the PHS office and see our bookkeeper, Marti McGraw.

For those that have never done the online registration process, you must have your student's identification number which you may get either from your student or contact Anita Lewis in the athletic office at 541-966-3802. Registration must be completed at one sitting; there is not an ability to save or pause and return to it at a later time.

When all of the above have been completed, your athlete's coach will receive notification that they will be participating beginning the first day of practice, if completed by August 15. This listing will replace the former "Gold Card."  If any of the above criteria are not met, your athlete will not be allowed to begin practices on August 15---no exceptions.

Sports schedules can be found at: columbiariverconference.org  after August 15.

Fall Sports offered:

 Football (varsity, jv, frosh)

 Volleyball (varsity, jv, frosh)

 Cross Country, boys and girls

 Soccer, boys and girls


Principal: Dan Greenough

Vice Principal: Chris Betttineski

Athletic Director: Troy Jerome

Athletic Trainer: Debbi Green