IMPORTANT: Please read below before starting the online registration process.
If you have previously used this site (earlier this year, last year or previous years) to register a student, click on

Sept. 14 to Feb. 21 is labeled by the OSAA as “Season 1.” This has been updated with a new end date.

When athletics begin competitive events,

fall sports will be Feb. 22 to April 11 (Season 2);

spring sports will be Apr 5 to May 21 (Season 3);

winter sports; May 24 to June 27 (Season 4).


For athletes to participate in Season 1, 2, 3, or 4, they must have their online COVID release form signed and a current physical, within two years.

If they do not have both of those requirements completed, they will not be allowed to participate in Season 1;

this includes the use of the weight room.  Season 1 is NOT mandatory for any athlete and there is no fee.


Season 1 consists of:

         Sept. 14 –  through the end of the year - dance and cheer

Feb. 22 - April 11 (Fall sports) - football (begins Feb. 8), volleyball, soccer, cross country

         April 5 - May 21 (Spring sports) - baseball, softball, track & field, golf, tenn

 May 24 - June 27 (Winter sports)- basketball, wrestling, swimming

(please check our scheduling website for  any changes in dates/times: intermountainconference.org). 
We are doing our best to  be flexible and adapt as state-wide mandates are put in place that prevent us from carrying out
our initial plans for  this time period.

           Unknown at this time - weight room and conditioning open-times TBD (same as above)


At this time, if your athlete is going to participate in any season including the use of the weight room, please complete their online registration, whether it is a new one (freshman or new students) or an update. 

If you have a new registration or an updated one that is for starting Feb. 8 or 22, the registration process you completed prior in this school year, will carry over for all start dates of Feb. 8/22, April 5 and continuing through May 24. For all who have not completed the online registration, we request that you complete it asap if your athlete will be participating in any sport.

For our competitive seasons starting in late February and going through June, we ask that you again update online registrations one week prior to the start of their season; fees may be charged for Seasons 2, 3, and 4. Some athletes will have updated registrations 4 times this year. We appreciate your cooperation. This certainly is not the norm, but necessary in these times of COVID-19.

This process is in place to be sure our athletes are as healthy and safe as possible.

Athletes (and coaches) must wear masks at all times during practices, except where athletes can keep a 6-foot distance at all times while outside.

Parents and spectators will not be allowed at any practice or workouts. For the safety of the athletes and coaches, we do not want the unnecessary gathering of non-participating parties on campus.

Athletes will bring their own labeled water bottles to each practice. Public drinking fountains and shared water sources will not be available.

Where feasible, players will only use their own equipment. Personal equipment should be cleaned and sanitized each night after use.



If you have never used this online registration, simply click on the Registration drop-down menu for the 2020-21 Athletic Registration form.

Do not use your phone to register. It is such a large file that your phone will not handle it properly and you will not be able to finish.

The final page may reflect a $90 participation fee. If it does, type in $90 at the very bottom of the page, which will complete your registration process. By typing that in, this does NOT pay the fee for you; it is more of a confirmation that the fee is $90.

There is a yearly “family cap” of $270 (3 sports); after that cap has been met, all sports fees are waived for that year.


If your athlete qualifies for free or reduced lunch, please contact Anita (athletic secretary) at 541-966-3802 or Marti McGraw (bookkeeper) at 541-966-3803.  There is a separate fee for athletes who qualify, but we must get a copy of your confirmation letter that indicates they are qualified or your written permission to check that status with SODEXO personnel.

Please supply me with the completed sports physical form; I will scan and upload to your athlete’s file and keep the original.

If you need a copy, we can make one for you. All sports physicals must be on the

School Sports Pre-Participation Examination form, Revised May 2017.


Principal: Melissa Sandven

Vice Principal: Curt Thompson

Athletic Director: Mike Somnis

Athletic Secretary: Anita Lewis

Athletic Trainer: Debbi Green